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Gerard Way premiered a brand new song titled "No Shows" earlier today (August 18th) on BBC Radio One.

The track is taken from the former My Chemical Romance frontman’s debut solo album Hesitant Alien that drops September 30th via Warner Bros Records.

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Gerard Way Announces Album Artwork

The album comes out September 30th. Track listing below.

1. Bureau
2. Action Cat
3. No Shows
4. Casting Shadows
5. Millions
6. Zero Zero
7. Juarez
8. Drugstore Perfume
9. Get The Gang Together
10. How’s It Going To Be
11. Maya The Psychic

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Would you ever be interested in anything like Daddydom? You seem like you'd make the perfect daddy role.



Hmm. I have friends with kids, and that’s kind of the best situation. All the fun and cuteness, none of the hassle. But I think someday I may want that


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and i didn’t even get to see the sequel. Does she get royally engaged? I don’t know

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I just went to a website to watch a free movie and it opened up another tab to this kinda realistic FBI page saying that my computer was flagged for illegal activity and I just ate the most stressful meal of my life thinking that I was about to go to prison over the Princess Diaries 2 

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It was so pink it didn’t even look real

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this needs to happen more often

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A Patrick/Andy DRUMOFF!

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Bikini Kill
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That girl she holds her head up so high
I think I wanna be her best friend

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how weird that tumblr is always saying how wrong rape is and how unacceptable it is but then we hear about young yezidi & christian girls being taken from their family by ISIS to rape them and then these girls commits sucidide afterwards BUT they ignore it, no spreading it around so others can see for themselves, no nothing. Just Silence. 

for the people like me that are in the dark about this, here's a good link. please read.

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This is the young man that was walking with Mike Brown

it’s unbelievable how calm and level his voice is, yet how extremely emotional his eyes… his face is. How unimaginably brave. According to his first statement he ran away, suffered a panic attack and vomited. The amount of mortal fear this guy must have is unreal.

Protect this man, he is the only person who I believe holds the truth. His testimony is the most valuable thing in this situation right now, and I am not exaggerating the fact that I fear for his life. If they arrest him, he will mysteriously pass away, I guarantee it. Someone hide him in their fucking basement.

Man, I can’t get over his face. Look at his fucking expression.

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